Tom has over 20 years of experience in the pest control industry. He began his own company, Bug Man Pest Control, in 2009, and has developed a solid reputation doing commercial and residential pest management. Tom is happily married to Cathi, and they have six children and seven grandchildren they enjoy spending time with family.


Dylan is the youngest son of the Bray clan. He has grown up in the pest control business, helping his dad through the years and learning the business from the ground up. Dylan chose to remain in the family business after graduating, and is a vital part of our company today. He is also a competitive shooter in his spare time, and competes in pistol and multi-gun events on a National level, having earned a number of titles during his time as a Junior shooter. His other hobbies are cooking, hunting, and spending time with family.


Cathi is married to Tom, and does whatever needs to be done on the office side of the business. Her specialty is in marketing/PR/writing, although she helps out in the office whenever necessary. Cathi also owns and manages her own travel business, Pirate’s Life Travel.

We want to be your BACKYARDOLOGISTS! Let us help make your home and outdoor space an oasis! Enjoy your home more by ridding your home and lawn of unwanted pests.

We have worked at those large, National pest control companies; and we have seen how the customer is just a number on a spreadsheet. That’s why we started Bug Man. We know our customers, and we care about their homes/businesses.

Besides our awesome residential customers, we service Galena Park ISD, Alvin ISD, Lamar ISD, Texas Southern University, Nursing homes, senior living centers, City of Lake Jackson, Brazos Bend State Park, Green Bank, and many more – and we can take care of your property, as well!

As pest control experts and exterminators in Houston TX, our philosophy is pretty simple: We treat each customer’s house or business as if were our own. We are a service company, and we are here to exceed all customer expectations.


Our exterminators in the greater Houston and Galveston, TX areas offer green pest management using EcoSmart products, as well as conventional treatment for commercial and residential pests and termite control. Our Integrated Pest Management specialists focus on non-chemical methods to control pests. Below are some of the services in which we specialize.



Formosan termites are bad news and can cause serious damage. For information on Formosan termites, the following link is very informative: https://urbanentomology.tamu.edu/urban-pests/termites/formosan. We offer conventional liquid barrier treatments, as well as baiting systems. Your Bug Man can thoroughly explain the advantages of both and help you discover which will work best in your situation.



Mosquito control is accomplished by using Integrated Mosquito Management, reaching, treating, and eliminating them with larvacides before they are able to become the adult that attacks you. The mosquito misting systems we install on your home or business are almost invisible and greatly reduce the biting insect population without harming pets or humans. Water misting systems can also be installed around homes and recreation areas to cool down your favorite outside zones when temperatures are hot. We also treat areas with standing water and water features – ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, etc., to kill mosquito larvae before they hatch, also greatly reducing the mosquito population. Spraying and fogging only have about 1% effectiveness and the comprehensive program we offer is recommended by the American Mosquito Control Association. We are proud members of this great organization.


Do you have bats in your belfry, bees in your bonnet, or rats in the attic? We will not only seal up those entry points where unwanted rodents/pests enter your home or commercial building, but we can also make repairs when needed. Call us today for more information about our pest control and wildlife removal and exclusion services.


Our home pest defense includes:
1. Sweeping the eaves and windows for spiders
2. Treating the weep holes and exterior cracks
3. Exterior spraying
4. Granulating flower beds
5. Treating inside the garage
6. Treating accessible plumbing areas
7. Using EcoSmart products


We offer natural treatment for fleas and ticks in your yard and on your pets.


For our residential customers, we offer a unique membership program for only $45/year. This entitles you to unlimited service visits for only $45 each, discounts on all products we sell, and access to our videos and other members-only informational content on our website. Please visit our member registration page to enroll in this program.


We focus on IPM standards (Integrated Pest Management) that are about exposing your customers and staff to least amount of chemical used to control pests. We strictly adhere to all requirements of the Texas Department of Agriculture and maintain a log book including state licenses, chemical labels, IPM plan, posting of treatment notices, and retaining at least two years worth of past service tickets.

Many people today are plagued with chemical allergies and sensitivities and are therefore concerned about the long-term effects of chemicals on our environment. We specialize in green pest management for all types of commercial accounts, including IPM for school districts and nursing homes, using our EcoSmart products.